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Is a tree rooted too close to your home that it presents potential health and safety hazards for your property and family? Or just is blocking your driveway?

If you need a complete tree removal in a safe and timely manner, Gabus Tree Service should be consulted. Gabus Tree Service is a leading local tree service provider in Lexington SC. Simply call us and we’ll do the hard work for you.

We at Gabus Tree Service have over 20 years of experience and expertise in the tree removing business. Since we are in the business, Gabus Tree Service has always aimed for the highest customer service. We put clients above all else by providing the fastest turnarounds and the most affordable prices. Our company’s procedural codes, safety regulations, quality standards and policies also distinguish us from the rest of the pack.

The masters of tree removal - Gabus Tree ServiceThe tree removal process is definitely a physical challenge. It is indeed possible to remove a tree by chopping it off with an ax. However, the stump and the root system remains. Apart from manpower and machinery, tree removing projects also require extensive planning and thorough preparation, qualities that Gabus Tree Service have great experience in. Aftercare is also essential in order to restore the structure of the site where the tree was originally rooted in. So, do you have these resources and qualities? If you have neither skill nor understanding of how these projects work, it may be a savvier decision to hire a tree remover like Gabus Tree Service. Leaving your project to us provides not only professional results, but also the peace of mind that your project is actually in the hands of an elite contractor.

Removals are only effective if recurrence is prevented. At Gabus Tree Service, we make sure we deal with all aspects involved. We practice measures to avoid regrowth of the tree by removing its entire structure from the ground. We also include infestation and diseases during our planning and preparation. We also relocate the trees we remove to safe and reserved areas where they will be taken care of by experts.

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