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Gabus Tree Service provide professional and affordable stump removal services in Lexington SC.

As we have more than 20 years of experience in the removal of all sizes of tree stumps in the Lexington SC area, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get any stump out of your lawn. Once removed, we will then fill the remaining hole with mulch that is left over. This will increase the value of your property and allow you to use it for other purposes. Because our tree stump removal experts are well trained, experienced and have modern equipment, tree stumps can usually be removed in couple hours.

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At Gabus Tree Service, we recommend that property owners remove any tree stumps that they have on their lawn. Why?

Stump removal with machineNot only are stumps an eye sore, but they present many potential hazards for your plumbing and electrical system if they are left to grow more. There are also some additional risks that you should try avoiding, for instance, someone could trip over it and injure himself, which can easily become a liability issue. Moreover, an old stump, becomes a haven for snakes, rodents, rodents, roaches, termites ants and a plethora of other insects and animals, when it begins to dry out with age. If an old, creature infested stump is near to your home or other building, then it won’t take long for the pests to invade into your house as well.

Gabus Tree Service’s way of stump removal

There are many reasons for removing a tree. Some of them may include tree disease, weather damage to provide more usable area for landscaping or for its lumber. Once removed, the foundation of a tree is usually left behind. Normally it should also be removed out of safety reasons. This is where Gabus Tree Service’s professional stump grinding service comes in handy. Anyone who has ever tried to remove a tree stump will tell you that digging, pulling and trying to cut it is labor intensive and not worth the effort. Tree stumps need to be removed with the proper stump grinding equipment.

At Gabus Tree Service, you can expect efficient, affordable and high quality stump removal services.

Our experienced specialists are using the latest and safest grinding equipment, and can effectively as well as easily remove your old tree. If your stump is hard to reach, or is in a location difficult to access, it’s not a problem! We have the know-how and portable equipment that can be hauled anywhere a tree could grow. Here at Gabus Tree Service, our mission is a simple one. To provide the best tree removal services to the residents and businesses of Lexington SC. We are professionally mannered, courteous, hard working and we offer reasonable prices.

So, when you’re ready to remove that old stump off your lawn, don’t hesitate to contact Gabus Tree Service to avail of our stump removal service today at (803) 600-3198!