Gabus Tree Service

Professionals and experienced tree service providers! Phone: (803) 600-3198

Gabus Tree Service is a leading tree care and removal company in Lexington SC. We offer professional services including tree care, tree pruning, trimming, restoration, and complete removal. Our operations streamline on safety, speed, cost-efficiency, and overall customer service. For over 20 years, Gabus Tree Service has been setting the benchmark for excellence in our respective market. With the strong brand advocacy of the community and undying loyalty, we plan on continuing our superior public service for future years to come.

Tree Pruning by one of our arboristsGabus Tree Service provides the most competitive prices and caters to even the most demanding and difficult tree projects. Our provided contracts are made transparent to indicate all the information you need to know before beginning, such as the cost of the project. Our estimates are precise and fixed, meaning no additional costs will be added with or without prior notification. We also provide the fastest and most responsive services. Our tree contractors are well-prepared and simply await your call. We are located at the heart of Lexington SC, enabling us to respond faster than any other local tree service provider. And where do we leave care? We at Gabus Tree Service care for clients, our staff, and the tree we are managing. We strictly enforce proper standards, safety procedures, preventive measures, and other regulations involved in our line of work. Gabus Tree Service is available whenever you need us. We make sure you can contact our professional tree contractors whenever needed.

You can reach us by phone at (803) 600-3198, email us, or visit our facility in Lexington SC!