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Tree care is very difficult and time consuming process and even can be compared with baby care.

Trees needs more than just sunlight to grow properly. They also need enough space and restoration against natural calamities and harsh weather conditions. Although trees are motionless and has rugged surface, they can suffer from infestations and diseases which lead to their gradual but continuous deterioration. Apart from tree care, tree removal can also be a physically challenging venture. Tree removal is very important, especially when it is blocking your driveway or porch. A tree service provider like Gabus Tree Service can help you handle any tree job done. Our arborists have a unique skill set and a solid grasp in tree work, including tree pruning, trimming, cutting, tree and stump removal. Our staff comes equipped with adequate equipment and machinery to fulfill the physical requirements of the task. By awarding the project to us, you conserve time and energy plus ensure the well-being of your property as it is handled by an elite contractor.

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Gabus Tree Service

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Caring for a tree or relocating it from the roots can be physically challenging work. Proper tools and equipment must be used to safely uproot the tree from its stump to its main trunk otherwise the tree will simply grow back to its original size and cause the same problem after a couple of years. Heavy machinery will also be needed to move full grown trees quickly and safely to its new site. After the tree has been uprooted, the hole must be filled and leveled with either dirt or cement. So, are you prepared to perform the responsibilities including working underneath the scorching heat of the sun and getting your hands dirty?

If you are neither physically fit nor mentally prepared to do the task, let Gabus Tree Service handle it for you.

The professionals for tree care - Gabus Tree ServiceDuring the hot days in summer, trees provide cool winds and more comfortable climates. In additional, they add aesthetic value to a property. Regular tree pruning and trimming is an essential duty of the property owner. A tree may be diseased, damaged, or even block your driveway when it collapses. If a tree is in proximate distance with your home, it also puts you at fair risk of getting crushed when the tree collapses through the roof. Getting immediate tree service should be considered. If you are searching for a tree removal or tree care service provider in Lexington SC, Gabus Tree Service is among the best in the region.

If you need a tree removal job done on a holiday or weekend, Gabus Tree Service will always arrive on top of your list of choices. Gabus Tree Service sets the standards for tree & stump removal services in Lexington SC. Our rates are given in the lowest digits imaginable. To make it fair and precise, we only provide an estimate after one of our removers actually check the project and assess the extent of work needed for it.

Regardless of when or where you need it, what budget limits and deadlines need consideration, Gabus Tree Service is confident we can complete the job better than anybody else. Our rates are unbeaten by other local service providers in Lexington SC. We work nonstop to find more cost-efficient alternatives without affecting what clients get. Apart from rates, we also focus on customer service. We want our clients to feel comfortable when working with us in order to become their long-term service provider. Gabus Tree Service values your thoughts and opinions. We make ourselves reachable via in-person visits, phone calls, or emails.

Get the best tree service today by calling Gabus Tree Service at (803) 600-3198! Our 24/7 friendly customer service unit is standing by to assist you!

by Barbara J. on Gabus Tree Service
I am so excited with my trees new look!

Last year I had to find some tree contractor to prune my trees and I think I am very lucky I found Gabus Tree Service. They did fantastic job on my trees. I can't even explain it! Thank you once again and see you next year!